Upgrade your sales training with Negoat

Enterprise Sales training doesn't need to be a struggle. Let Negoat show you how to maximize value in customer engagements with AI-lead sales and negoat-iating training tailored to your enterprise needs.


Increase your Negoat-iating power

Hone your negotiation skills

Practice negotiation styles, tools, and tactics outside of real-world pressures.

Get Real-time feedback

Get data on how you performed, how you’re improving, and in what areas you should focus growth.

Understand your team

Gain insights into your team's strengths and weakness.

Tailor your learning

We build custom scenarios that align with your company's rate card and training goals.

Quickly onboard new team members

Have new sales hires hit the ground running with confidence.

Build community and friendly competition

Challenge your colleagues to keep your skills sharp and maintain your competitive edge.